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Brendon Baker
2 min readAug 2, 2021


The 3 Key Habits For Successful Ongoing Improvement:

There are three key habits that your organisation must be able to do well to ensure ongoing improvement:

  • It must be able to fail, and learn,
  • It must be able to succeed, and learn, and
  • It must be able to share and make forecasts using those learnings.

So really, those 3 habits are just one.

A habit of learning.

Yes, that old nutshell — Learning.

We usually love to do it. But… we usually don’t love the work involved to get it. And so it gets left in the dust.

But what if I said that learning was more powerful than any amount of new project funding or new organisational resources? Would you believe me?

Let me explain:

The Exponential Power of Learning

Have you ever heard the phrase:

‘This will multiply your results ten-fold’?

Well, here’s a little secret. True organisational learning leaves ten-fold in the dust. Embedding the Learning Habit into our change efforts puts into place exponential levels of improvement. It can be as effective as a multi-level-marketing scheme, but notably less dubious.

Where’s the power come from? Something I call net-positive sharing.

Your people are limited. You share a resource; you lose that capacity for as long as they are shared. It’s a net neutral position for the organisation.

They gain 1, you lose 1.

Similarly, your capital is limited. You share your change funds; you no longer have use of those funds for your own change initiative. Again, a net neutral position.

They gain $100k, you lose $100k.

But what happens when you share a lesson?

They gain knowledge yet you lose nothing. When you share your knowledge, your learnings, you don’t lose anything. It’s a net positive position for the organisation. This is a vastly overlooked point in almost every organisation. Sharing multiplies knowledge!

This is why sharing our learnings is so important. There are a number of ways to do this, and your organisation will have its own preference. I’ve seen all sorts of things work here. From internal Wikis, closed Facebook pages, SharePoint lists, intranet knowledge hubs, lunch and learns, and concierge ‘lesson search’ Project Office services — it all works.

The method isn’t as important as the actual act of sharing.

Just remember that it’s not sharing if no one knows it’s available.

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